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Trevor O'Hara

Writer & Editor
About Me


I have been a writer as far back as I can remember. From winning a radio contest for a written story to be read live on air in second grade to the publication of my first book, I have experienced much of what it means to be writer, and now I look for opportunities to utilize and share my experience, talent, and passion.


My editing career began in 2015, and my subsequent experience is bolstered by my years of experience in journalism, writing groups, and as a college English tutor. As an editor, I seek to help authors bring out their own stories and nurture their own visions and abilities.

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Book cover of Metaphors by T. L. O'Hara black with white text
Cover of Origami Journal Spring 2014 tractor sitting in field surrounded by trees


Metaphors is my first volume of free verse and broken-rhyme poetry. Published in 2014 by Lens & Pens Publications, these poems were collected over a number of years, including my college days.

"God Has a Plan"

"God Has a Plan" was published in Origami Journal, an online arts journal, in spring of 2014. It is a short fiction story exploring the experience of a DUI.

Book cover of Crossing Rivers by Skeeter Wilson elderly Maasai woman wearing traditional jewlery in sepia
Book cover of the The Big Conservation Lie by John Mbaria and Mordecai Ogada white hands with cigar and glass of brandy in front of window rifle leaning next to window native Kenyan gathering wood outside
Book cover of Where Is God in War? A look at war through the eyes of Sackie Kwalalon with Dr. Doug Coller white dove silhouette over map of Liberia against red backdrop

Crossing Rivers

Crossing Rivers is the first in a series of historical fiction novels detailing the lives of a Maasai woman raised as a Gikuyu in precolonial Kenya and her descendants.

The Big Conservation Lie

The Big Conservation Lie is a work of nonfiction that asks tough questions about the philosophies and methods of wildlife and natural resource conservation in Kenya, and Africa at large.

Where Is God in War?

Where Is God in War? is the historical memoir of Sackie Kwalalon who was born in Liberia, West Africa, and lived through the horrors of the fourteen-year Liberian Civil War.

Escape from Stupid

Escape from Stupid is a collection of poetry and vignettes exploring the life and experiences of author Skeeter Wilson. 

Book cover of Quilcene by Avis M. Adams close-up of fern fiddlehead


Quilcene is a volume of poetry exploring nature, growth, joy, and loss from poet and author Avis M. Adams.

Book cover of Take Nothing with You Rethinking the Role of Missionaries by Skeeter Wilson man with backpack walking up church aisle toward portal to jungle at back of sanctuary

Take Nothing With You

Take Nothing With You is a critical account of Christian missions, past and present, particularly in Africa, and invites the missions community to take a closer look at itself, its culture and purpose. 

Book cover of Escape from Stupid by Skeeter Wilson black and white photo of young boy sitting among foliage daydreaming




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2010 / AUG

University of Alaska Anchorage

From UAA, I received my bachelor of arts in English Literature. I also participated in many creative writing classes, worked as a columnist and reporter for the student paper, the Northern Light, and was published twice in the student arts and literature journal, Understory.

2016 / JUL

University of Washington

From UW Professional & Continuing Education, I received my Certificate in Editing.


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